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Our Process

STEP 1 - Analyze your current plans.

We will work with you to see what you like and don't like about your current plans.  We will conduct surveys for you to gather employee feedback.

STEP 2 - How we can help.

We identify any gaps or liabilities, based on your goals & objectives.  We'll present options that are easy to read & compare with our clear & simple recommendations.  


STEP 3 - Implementation

We'll onsite group meetings, online webinars & workshops for your employees.  Having  a great plan in place, we'll encourage particiation with a proactive communcation program.

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We are a continuous resource in partnership with your Benefits & Human Resource Department.  WE WILL BE THERE WHEN YOU REALLY NEED US.  We are there when employees ask YOU questions about:  Claims, Provider Networks, Benefits....

Where we really SHINE.


The good news is we're on YOUR side and ready to help...


  • Keeping YOUR costs down.

  • Keeping your employees informaed and happy. 

  • Attracting and keeping a productive employee environment!

  • YOU are responsible for the

    bottom line!


  • More than ever, YOU must

    spend as little as possible while

    giving employees what they want!


  • YOU have to stay on top of

    new laws & compliance so

    YOU can keep out of trouble

    & stay in business!



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